Hare Mai Welcome to the Atua Healing Online Learning Academy. This is a perfect solution to be able to do home study. A requirement is you will need a study buddy to share with so you can discuss & discover how to give and receive Atua Healing.


Atua Healing®

for yourself & family

Anyone take this course you will need a buddy living in your town so you can learn together

In this online training course you will learn…

Connect to your Infinite Wise Self so you can open up to your natural intuitive healing abilities.

Learn about the Scared Doorways to be able to do self healing and this healing method can be given in emergency situations.

Connect to the Two teams that support you…

The Healing Team your Spirit guides

The Cheering Team your loved ones who give you protection

Learn how to give the Atua Healing method for your family.

This course is two hours a week for four weeks with two live webinars.

Investment Cost

$150 for working people

$100 for Non-Working people


Refresh Update

Energy Signature

Online learning

(Prerequisite Attended a Stage 2 workshop)

Refresh Energy Signature Assessment
Online Training

Live webinar June 22nd @7pm
Live webinar June 29th @7pm
Live Q&A July 6th @7pm

What you will learn…

The Anatomy of Energy Medicine

▪️E-Sig checking protocol
▪️ Surrogate testing (when client is not present)
▪️Assisting the client with their healing priority
▪️Working out a treatment plan for your client
▪️Establishing your clients goals & what outcomes do they want to achieve
▪️Genetic Layer 1 Functions of the body
▪️Genetic Layer 2 & 3
▪️Emotional Layer 1 & 2
▪️Mental Layer 1 & 2
▪️Spiritual Layer 1-7
▪️How the Zones & Layers of the E-Sig connect to the Chakras

Investment Cost

Working $150

Non Working $120