Awaken the Healer Within is a series of three workshops

These workshops introduce you to the Atua Healing Method

Atua Healing Stage 1 - Anyone can take this workshop

What to expect 

Atua Stage 1: Learn the first steps to develop your intuitive abilities and connect to your 'infinite wise self ' This is the library of all knowledge, where you will find the answers and solutions to the challenges you face in life. You will also learn to navigate the spiritual realm and open up to your intuitive abilities. Learn the Atua Healing method to share with family and friends. Continue through to Stage 2 and Stage 3, to become a certified Atua Healer.  

Atua Healing Stage 2 - Prerequisite Stage 1

What to expect
Atua Stage 2: This is a hands-on, practical workshop that will teach you the secrets of your energy signature, which is the blueprint for your life experiences and associated behavioural patterns. You’ll gain aan understanding of how and why blockages form and why you may keep getting stuck in certain behavioural patterns as a result. You’ll learn how to navigate your Energy Signature, unlock the blockages, heal those layers and move forward in life. At the completion of the two-day course, you will receive a certificate so you can give Atua Healing to clients.

Atua Healing Stage 3 - Prerequisite Stage 1 and Stage 2

What to expect
Atua Stage 3: You will learn how to connect your energy signature to your personal timeline, so you are equipped with the skills to shift and release what is stuck within yourself and others. You will be taught to work with the Te Hau (the breath to keep yourself clear) and open yourself up to developing your healing gifts (which may sometimes be overwhelming) in a safe, non-threatening environment. You will also master Energy Signature assessments and learn how to perform distance healing via Skype. At the completion of this two-day course, you will receive certification as an Atua Healer.

If you would like to further your knowledge, there are 12 intensive training modules that you can participate in once you have completed Stage1, 2 and 3

You can Book and Pay your deposit for your workshop at the same time. If you are wanting to pay in full to take advantage of the Early Bird Special then Direct Credit into Atua Ltd BNZ 02-0112-0114969-000

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