Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the challenges and curve balls life throws at you? Would you like to learn to connect with your intuitive, ‘wise’ self to help you find balance, heal yourself and navigate your way forward, so you can lead an ultimately healthy, happy and peaceful life in body, mind and spirit? Atua Healing will give you the tools to achieve just that.



As humans we react physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to life events, whether it is a traumatic childhood, stressful work situation or abusive relationships. Over a period of time, this may cause blockages in a person’s energy flow and lead to unhealthy repetitive patterns that might prevent us from living life to the full. These patterns could include lack of self-esteem, courage, self-belief, not taking enough ‘me time’, an unhealthy relationship with food or alcohol, as well as anxiety and depression.

The goal of Atua Healing is to remove these unhealthy behaviours by creating a path for our energy to flow again, allowing us to reach our true potential in every area of our life. What sets Atua Healing apart from many other healing modalities is that it is painless on a physical, mental and emotional level, as it does not require a person having to re-live their trauma. It instead shifts your energy, in a gentle yet powerful manner. Hence it is suitable for absolutely everyone: adult women and men, children, teenagers, the elderly and pregnant women.


During your first healing session your practitioner will start with an Assessment to establish your healing priority and how many treatments you will need to establish your pathway to wellness.

You will remain fully clothed while lying down. A cover will be placed over your body to make sure you feel safe and comfortable.

Your practitioner’s hands will remain above your body without touching you during the healing session, although at some point they may gently hold your (covered) feet or shoulders.

Atua healing is a non-invasive form of energy healing and will not impact on any other medical or alternative treatment you may be receiving, or interfere with any prescribed medicines or natural supplements you are taking.


  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation

  • Helps change unhealthy behaviours

  • Relieves tension and fatigue

  • Promotes free range of movement in the body

  • Promotes emotional stability and resilience

  • Helps manage mental stress, anxiety and trauma

  • Boosts confidence and courage

  • Shifts procrastination

  • Helps release painful memories, without reliving them

 Our Mission

To inspire, empower individuals, with healing who want lasting change in their lives.


what People Have to say...

I have been privileged to be on this journey with Carmel for the past 12 years, from the inception of Manaaki Bodywork though to her development into Atua Healing. Atua Healing enables you to work on removing the energy that no longer serves you or others around you, and to bring in the energy you need to move forward and live the blueprint of your soul.

Vicki Lenihan Marketing Manager

Atua Healing gives me strength and grounding in everyday life, as well as balance and a feeling of overall wellbeing. It strongly and quickly shifts and removes energy that is not beneficial in a person's field, to enable them to achieve better health on all levels. It helps make people connections; it dissipates negativity and replaces it with harmonious interactions in business.

Kattia Andre Holistic Energy Practitioner