JULIETTE rietberg

JULIETTE rietberg


JULIETTE rietberg

Havelock North, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

I am a therapist who offers Atua Healing, Sound therapy working with tuning forks, counseling and therapy for children. As well, I also work in a school as a therapist behavior assistant for special needs.

The beauty of my work for me, is the possibility to combine healing and being able to support people, children and families.

I want to help them deal with the daily challenges and patterns of behavior they face, and support them to feel empowered and open to living their lives in the best possible way.

Atua Healing works in harmony with all healing modalities on a deep and pure level. It gives the answers and the healing protocol that is needed for each client. It is a non- invasive, powerful, loving and clear form of healing.

I work with children and adults and also those with special needs people. The focus is always to improve the quality of life and make people more independent and Confidant. My areas of special interest that I work with are Inter-generational problems, loss and grief, relational problems, anxiety, anger, lack of confidence, Adults who have a history of childhood trauma.

For myself, Atua Healing has opened a lot of doors and revealed qualities in myself, which are helping me in my therapeutic work and also in my personal life. It gives me the opportunity to keep my heart open to a fulfilling life. 

My Sessions are available in my home clinic, or on Skype or Zoom. I am fluent speaking in Dutch and English.

E-Mail:  info@katoacounselling.com
Mobile Phone: 021-2362474
Website: www.katoacounselling.com