kelly nash

kelly nash



Mt. Albert, Auckland

Kelly is an Atua Healer, Contact C.A.R.E. (flinch lock release therapist), massage therapist and Reiki practitioner who is passionate about serving both people and animals. An accomplished contemporary dancer and choreographer, Kelly also teaches dance in various settings in Auckland.

Kelly connects to Atua healing through the whakapapa on her father’s side, Ngapuhi and Ngaiterangi. “Atua is delicate and effective; it allows me to work sensitively with individuals, lifting and moving things that might keep them from living a happy, fulfilling life. It helps people feel and bridge their sensory perceptions with their physical reality, while supporting the emotions to heal and bring them back into the body so physical change can happen.” The most significant part is connecting to the spiritual aspect of that person bringing healing and empowerment.

Phone: +64 9 849 2750
Mobile: +64 226100575
Skype:  nellykash